The US-RSPE Sustainability Framework is the first-ever, multi-stakeholder sustainability reporting framework for the full U.S. supply chains for chicken, turkey and eggs from producer to final customer.

This assessment will help equip the entire value chain better measure and communicate with stakeholders about the overall sustainability of U.S. poultry. Accurate and intentional measurement and tracking of continuous improvement helps create a clearer picture of how these products are produced to support informed customers.

There are several sustainability assessment resources available, but the poultry sector needed a reporting structure that tackled the complexities of the their organizations and full supply chains.

View the Current US-RSPE Sustainability Framework Draft


We set up US-RSPE to be different, and you can see that in our structure. Those raising the birds worked side-by-side with their supply chain and environmental groups who have specific expertise in sustainability programs and everyone in between. This dynamic allows the Framework to be meaningful to the people implementing it and relevant to those who want to know more. The Framework is a tool to enhance transparency into how our poultry are being raised and how it relates to our planet and its people.

US-RSPE and the Framework development process welcomed and included input from:

  • Retailers/grocery stores
  • Food service companies
  • Breeders
  • Hatcheries
  • Feed manufacturers
  • Farm operators
  • Processors and further processors
  • Renderers
  • Integrators
  • Non-government organizations (environmental, social, veterinary, etc.)
  • Allied industries (animal health providers, equipment manufacturers, etc.)